"Golf Board" Review
Jan 22, 2021 Author: Van Morris

The "surf the earth" thing is real, sort of. You do pay more attention to the course movement, slight ungulation, and your surroundings. Tough to use your phone, hit the throttle, and steer at the same time! Can make for more enjoyable golf.

Greater Cincinnati's Best Golf Courses
Jan 22, 2021 Author: Van Morris

A ranked list of golf courses is a dime a dozen - but everyone's budget and circumstances are different. Plus - What good does a list of the best courses do you if an unseasonably warm weekend comes up in the spring and your favorite 5 clubs don't have any tee-times? Get out and golf!

How To Play Nassau (The Golf Game)
Jan 21, 2021 Author: Van Morris

The Nassau is one of the most popular golf tournament formats and golf bets. It's essentially three tournaments (or bets) in one: the front nine, back nine and 18-hole scores all count as separate tournaments or bets.