Greater Cincinnati's Best Golf Courses

Jan 22, 2021 Author: Van Morris

Table of content:

Best Golf Courses

A ranked list of golf courses is a dime a dozen - but everyone’s budget and circumstances are different. Plus - What good does a list of the best courses do you if an unseasonably warm weekend comes up in the spring and your favorite 5 clubs don’t have any tee-times? Get out and golf!

Nothing in Cincinnati is really too far of a drive.. the courses listed here favor promximity to downtown (inside the I-275 loop) but there are a few suburban courses mixed in as well.


Camargo Golf Club (Raynor)

Kenwood - Kendale (Several - Ross)

Oasis (Arnold Palmer)

Maketewah (Bendelow/Ross)

Public - Top Tier

Stonelick Hills
Elk’s Run
Legendary Run
Aston Oaks
Walden Ponds
Blue Ash

##Public - Middle/Lower Tier

We all know them. Chuck a few Miller Lite in the ol carry bag, grab an old gas EZ-GO and get on your way.

Reeves (TPC Lunken)
Hickory Woods

Honorable Mentions

Few of these are outside the city by a fair bit. Thrown in anyway for those out in Mason or West Chester.

Four Bridges (Private)
Shaker Run Golf Club
The Grizzly